ICL Hifz Program

ICL Noor Al-Quran (NAQ) Hifz Program Information:

ICL Noor Al-Quran program strives to provide religious education to young Muslim children. This is a unique program offered by the ICL NAQ for doing Hifz (memorization) of the Holy Quran. This program is designed so as to allow the students to pursue their regular studies along with Hifz.

Alhamdulillah this program has been running since 2014 and by the grace of Allah Subhanahu WaTala, it has been very successful.  

ICL NAQ Hifz Program Details:
  • A place where students learn to read the Glorious Quran in Arabic.
  • Starting with Arabic Letters and focusing on Tajweed.
  • Learn Tajweed rules and apply.
  • Students learn and memorize the Adhan, selected Duas, and Holy Quran.
  • Steps of Wudu and Prayer / Recitation after Prayers.
  • Develop Islamic Character - Cleanliness, Respect, and Discipline.
  • The program is open for ages 6 years and up.
  • ICL NAQ Hifz Program is on every Tuesday and Thursday between Maghrib and Isha'
ICL NAQ Hifz Program Fees:

First Child:
Second Child: $40
Third Child: $30

If you wish to register your child in both Hifz Program and Sunday School Program, the fee schedule will be as follows;

ICL NAQ Hifz Program And Sunday School Program Fees:

First Child:
Second Child: $60
Third Child: $40

    Prayer Time At ICL

    Fajr 6:15 AM
    Isha 7:30 PM
    Jum'aa Khutbah starts at 1 PM

    Prayer Location

    Islamic Center of Laveen (ICL)
    5099 W Dobbins Rd,
    Laveen, AZ 85339
    [South-East corner of 51st Ave & Dobbins Rd.]